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Why am I muted?

Last Updated: Oct 01, 2013 11:29AM EDT
Being muted is a result of being found to have violated MocoSpace's terms of service. These actions are taken against your account in order to prevent further abuse.

While MocoSpace does allow all users to express themselves freely, we do not permit you to do so in a manor that violates our terms of service. This includes, but is not limited to, hate speech, threats of physical harm, unwanted sexual advances, racism, posting of phone numbers or emails, promoting/posting links/ads to your business, admitting (even jokingly) of being under the age of 18 and so on. Being a Moco Gold purchaser does not permit any user to get away with such abuse towards others on MocoSpace.

Our admins take these reports very seriously. Be aware that accounts are muted based on evidence provided by the reports they receive. Harassing our admins or support team regarding your account being muted may result in further penalties being taken against your account.

Please review our Terms of Service for further information on what may have lead to your account being muted.

Also note that contacting our support team regarding being muted does not guarantee you will be unmuted. Our admins and support staff are not, at any time, required to provide you with the report or reports that resulted in the muting. Our team will ignore any public posts or petitions regarding unmuting of any accounts.