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Why can't I cancel my VIP account?

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 04:20PM EDT
If you purchased a VIP subscription and are looking to close your account, please be aware that there are some steps required prior to going through the cancellation process.
  1. You must cancel your VIP subscription via our VIP purchasing page.
  2. Your VIP feature/badge must expire (be removed from your profile) before you can cancel your account.
  3. You must complete your cancellation process.
We require the VIP feature to expire (or be removed) to cancel in order to ensure the VIP subscription was indeed canceled. If you run in to any errors when trying to cancel VIP, or you need your VIP feature removed to close your account, please contact support at least a week before your VIP would renew.

Please note that if you fail to contact support before the date of VIP renewal regarding any issues you're having with cancelling, you are fully responsible for any charges that occur.