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What is the Backstage album in my photos?

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2013 04:43PM EDT
Backstage is a feature that allows users to put their photos in a private album that others must pay Moco Gold to view. In turn, you will then earn 30% of the Gold paid by these users.

Once you add a photo to the Backstage album, you can then set a Gold price users must pay for 24 hours of access to the album. All prices note the amount of Gold you will receive. You can change your price at any time.

For users who purchase access to someone's Backstage album:

You will be required to confirm the purchase and then you will have 24 hours of access from the time of purchase. To ensure the safety of the user's photos, your user name will be noted in their Gold history every time you purchase access. 

If a user changes the price for access within the 24 hours, you will not be required to pay more Gold for an increase, nor will you receive Gold back for a decrease in price.

This feature does not enable users to upload photos that violate our content guidelines and/or terms of service. Please report any photos in these albums that violate our guidelines.

If you have any technical issues with using or purchasing access to the Backstage feature, please contact with all of the details of the issue.