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What is the Daily Spin?

Last Updated: Oct 01, 2013 11:27AM EDT
The Daily Spin is your chance to win a whole range of prizes, including up to 10,000 Moco Gold, plus valuable items from the most popular games on MocoSpace.

You win a prize with every spin. All game prizes are automatically added to your games, while Gold prizes are automatically added to your Moco Gold balance.

Each day (starting midnight EST) you get 1 FREE spin. Additional spins can be purchased for only 5 Moco Gold each.

Please Note: Your FREE spins do not build up over time. If you do not use your free spin by Midnight (EST), you will lose your free spin for that day.

In-Game prizes note how much Moco Gold they are worth. Be aware this information does not present the user with the option to select the gold value of the item instead of the prize.