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How do I report Unwanted MocoSpace alerts?

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2015 02:06AM EST
If you are receiving MocoSpace alerts to your phone or email for an account that is not yours, please contact our support team ( to have the alerts removed.

When contacting support, please indicate where you are getting the unwanted alerts (email or text) and the phone number or email that is receiving the unwanted alerts. You may also want to include the MocoSpace User Name noted in all of the alerts you have received.

Please do NOT send a text message to our support team as they will not be able to reply to confirm the alerts were stopped.

IF YOU ARE A MOCOSPACE USER: Please be aware that you can turn off notifications in your account settings. If you contact our support team regarding unwanted alerts received from your own account, you may not be able to receive them again in the future.