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How do Offers for Moco Gold work?

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2015 02:04AM EST
Gold earned by completing offers from our partners may take some time to reflect in your balance. In particular, offers for trials or subscriptions to certain services may require you to complete the subscription period or another length of time, before Gold is awarded.

In the case of subscription trials (Netflix, Gamefly, etc.) you may be required to be a member/subscriber for a certain amount of time. In some cases, if you cancel your membership/subscription before the required time has passed, your offer will be canceled/declined. Please be sure to read all of the specific goals you must meet to complete such offers.

Surveys require you to follow all steps and often require you to complete the survey within a certain time window. These offers are administered by providers outside of MocoSpace, so for questions about individual offers please return to the the 
payment page on which you found the offer, and click the link at the top right corner of the screen marked "Support" (on our PC website only), or "Missing Gold?" (on your mobile phone).

Who handles support issues with my offers?

Our Gold Offer partner will answer questions via the support link on the Offers page. Be aware the companies you are completing offers for will NOT be able to assist with confirming an offer is completed or ensure Moco Gold is delivered. You can only obtain assistance on offers via the support link on the offers page.

You will be provided with a list of your recent and pending offers, and a link to contact the offer partner's support services. MocoSpace does not handle customer service for offers or surveys, so please use their customer support channels for inquiring about these transactions. 

MocoSpace does not have access to the status on any pending offers on an account. We also do not have access to specific requirements for any given offer or support contacts for any offers or surveys as offers vary greatly from user to user. You can use the means provided above to check on your offer status.

We cannot provide Gold unless the offer has been confirmed as being completed to our system. Please do not attempt to send screen shots or forward emails you have received from the offers. There is no action our team can take based on that information.