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How do I obtain the password to my account?

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2013 01:18PM EDT
You can click the "Forgot Password" or "Forgot User Name" links on the login page. You will need to have valid contact information on the account to receive your password and/or user name. 

If you are not receiving your password please try the following:

  • Check your spam or other inbox folders for the email.
  • Be sure to check all emails or phone numbers you may have linked to the account.
  • Try the last password you used on the account.
If all else fails you can try contacting us at where you'll be asked to provide specific information about your account. Please be aware if you have not accessed your account within the past 3 months or so, they likely will not be able to assist you with access to your account.

If you had previously canceled the account, it cannot be restored

For safety reasons, we cannot cancel an account you cannot access.