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How do I report abuse?

Last Updated: Oct 01, 2013 11:22AM EDT
Your number one step against users who are messaging you directly would be to click the BAN link on their account. Banning prevents users from messaging you, viewing your full profile (even if you have it set to public) and stops them from friend requesting you. This option AND the report option are located under More Details on the mobile site.

If you receive any direct, realistic threats to your  physical safety, report the threat using the "Report Abuse" button in the inbox message and alert an adult or law enforcement immediately. 

We do not permit cyber-bullying. 
If you or someone you know is being victimized severely by cyber-bullies, please report the content of the bullying via the appropriate "Report" button (on photos, in chats and forums, on someone's profile, etc.) to provide us evidence and include clear, actionable details.  Do NOT try to seek revenge or create your own bully accounts to counter someone else. 

Security Tip: You can set your account, photo and blog privacy to keep people from accessing your page in your Privacy Settings.

Reporting Tip:  We are unlikely to take action against another member if you have not first banned them and provided us with clear evidence or at least actionable details in your report.

Repeat Abuse: If someone is harassing you by creating new screen names after you ban them, please be sure to include the User Name of the original abuser (person you banned) in the report.

Content Tip:  Unfortunately, it's impossible to prevent people from posting information here or on other Websites, chat rooms, instant messengers, etc. We do our best to enforce the site's Terms of Service. If appropriate, we will delete information from posts and/or cancel accounts when we deem it necessary due to repeated infractions or a significant safety issue has arisen. 

We also recommend that you read and follow our safety tips and suggestions.