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Last Updated: May 18, 2018 04:12PM EDT
Our VIP SUBSCRIPTIONS come in 3 options.

1 Month - Renews Every Month on the same date of purchase until cancelled (VIP purchased on February 8th would renew on or around the 8th each month until cancelled.)
3 Month - Renews every 3 Months
6 Month - Renews every 6 months

The subscription includes...
  • a VIP label on your profile photo (Red Star Members will see their star turn to GOLD instead of a VIP label)
  • Ad Free access to the site
  • 50% bonus on all Gold purchases made with a credit/debit card, PayPal and Android/iOS app payments
  • Who Viewed Me, Stealth Mode and unlimited Share the Love​ included with active VIP
  • Exclusive in-game benefits: Access to VIP only sales, plus accelerated Street Wars business income + free boost boxes every month
  • Be seen first in Meet People and all around Moco
  • Receive Priority Support Assistance

How do I sign up for a VIP subscription?

Please be aware you must use a credit card to sign up for the VIP subscription. To purchase go to the VIP Purchase page while signed on to MocoSpace via your mobile or PC browser. The Subscription VIP option is NOT available within our iOS or Android Apps.

How much does VIP cost and when do subscriptions renew?

The monthly subscription costs $7.99 US and will renew on, or around, the same date of the original purchase. VIP Subscriptions cannot be purchased with any form of pre-paid credit card.

For example: If you made the purchase on April 10th, VIP will renew on or around the 10th each month thereafter until you cancel the subscription. Charges will go to the card used on the original sign-up purchase.

How much is the new VIP program?

Our VIP prices have changed as of APRIL 3, 2018

1 month - $7.99

3 months - $6.99 per month ($20.97 due upon renewal every 3 months)

6 months - $5.99 per month ($35.94 due upon renewal every 6 months)

How does VIP bonus Gold work?

For every purchase of Gold you make AFTER your VIP feature has activated, the amount you receive will increase by 50%.

Example: A purchase of $4.99 US for 500 Gold will give you 750 Gold upon completion. A purchase of $99.99 US for 15500 Gold will increase to 23250 Gold.

Bonus Gold is included in the final Gold amount you receive. It is not awarded separately.

How do I CANCEL my VIP Subscription?

To CANCEL your VIP Subscription, go to your My Gold page and click the Cancel VIP link at the bottom of the page. You will NEED to log in via a browser, not our App, to see this page.

To ensure you do not continue to be charged for the feature, we require you to cancel your VIP subscription before closing your account.

If you wish to re-purchase VIP again, you will need to wait until your VIP feature expires before starting a new subscription.

You may also contact with a request to cancel your VIP subscription, but you must do so at least 7 business days before your VIP is due to renew.

MocoSpace is not responsible for VIP renewals that may occur due to filing a request with support to have your VIP subscription cancelled.

What can I do if I have an active VIP feature but I want to cancel my MocoSpace account?

Please be aware your VIP feature must expire before you can close the account. This is done to ensure you do not get charged for your VIP subscription in the case it was not canceled.

If you absolutely must have VIP removed before it expires, you will need to contact with a specific request to remove the VIP feature to allow you to cancel the account. In making such a request, you understand the feature cannot be restored should you change your mind. For this reason, we strongly suggest waiting for the feature to expire instead.

Do I get Moco Gold with VIP?

We have made a change to allow for a reduced price in VIP, an increase from a 10% to 50% bonus on Gold Purchases* and all premium features (Who Viewed Me, Stealth Mode and unlimited Share the Love) are included with the VIP feature. Thus Moco Gold is no longer included with new VIP subscriptions.

What if I'm already subscribed to the VIP with Gold?

You will still receive the new benefits if you maintain an older subscription of VIP that provides Gold upon each renewal.

HOWEVER, if you ever cancel this subscription for any reason, you will not be able to regain it. You will then have to select one of the new VIP subscription options at a lower price that does not deliver Gold with each payment.

VIP Cancellation/Refund Policy 

You may only cancel your subscription to MocoSpace VIP in accordance with the MocoSpace Terms of Use. Except only as otherwise expressly set out in the Terms of Use, SUBSCRIPTION FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, PARTIAL REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS OR PARTIAL SUBSCRIPTION PERIODS. This means that you will have continued access to MocoSpace VIP benefits for the remainder of the current subscription period and will not receive a refund.