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How do I contact support?

Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018 02:13PM EST
Before you reach out to our support team, please be sure your issue is not a temporary problem. Sometimes, glitches can happen for a brief time, for multiple reasons, and they resolve themselves.

If you are having a legitimate technical problem with the site and/or app, please be sure to collect ALL of the information regarding the error.

Information like: Error Messages. Part of the site you were using when you ran in to the issue. How long you have been dealing with the issue.

You can then send your information to via your MocoSpace inbox or offsite email address (GMail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.).

When sending via email, please be sure you're using the email associated with your MocoSpace account AND provide your User Name in your message.

In regards to cases of reporting violations or harassment, 
we strongly urge all users to use our report system so the offenses can be documented to show either a history of repeat harassment or support a claim of being falsely reported. Due to risk of emails containing hearsay, our support team will hand such information off to the admins for review but you will not receive a follow-up response. Be aware our admins will not take action without reviewing reports OR claims through support. They also will not accept any suggestions for user punishment.

Our team will do their best to get back to you within approximately ONE business day.

Business days are Monday through Friday, except for Holidays.

A response may take longer if there are a high volume of contacts, Holidays or if there is a major site issue.

To ensure users their email was received, an AUTOMATED reply is sent to confirm MocoSpace Support received your email. If you are not receiving this automated confirmation, you may not be writing the correct email address.


Due to limitations with our support email system, our support team cannot properly respond to messages sent via text, SMS, or any form of text messages. Our support system automatically filters out such contacts for this reason. If you are using this method, but are not getting a response, please use the contact methods noted above.