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What is a "Third-Party" Game on MocoSpace?

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2014 02:15PM EDT
MocoSpace plays host to over a dozen games that are created and run by companies outside of MocoSpace.

These games include:
  • Happy Farm
  • Slot Mania
  • Cage Fighter
  • True Night
  • Happy Land
  • Titan's War
  • Online Racer
  • Pet Hotel
  • and more!
MocoSpace does allow users to exchange Moco Gold for premium currency in these games. However, MocoSpace does not have the ability to provide assistance with in-game content, purchases, or currency within these games since MocoSpace does not control them.

If you're having an issue with a Third Party Game, your best options are:
  • Click the REPORT ISSUE option within the game to inform the game's developer of a problem you're having.
  • Contact the developer through the game's fan profile.
  • Post to the forum made specifically to the game you have a question on.
If you feel you have made a significant effort to reach the developer, but have not received a response, please contact with all of the details regarding the issue as well as the specific means you used to attempt to reach the developer. Be sure to include the specific game you are having the issue with.