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How do the Video Offers Work?

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 09:22AM EST
Video Offers provide users a chance to watch a few minutes of video in exchange for a small amount of Gold. Currently these offers are not available on all devices.

Video Offers are provided based on the needs of the content provider. Once those needs are met, the content may no longer be available for viewing for Gold. MocoSpace is not informed of what specific needs any provider has nor are we informed when content needs are met. These videos may also be targeting a specific audience, which is why some users may have videos while others do not. At any given time you could see only 1 offer or 20.

Videos will normally provide 20 Gold for the first several viewings. After that, 5 Gold is awarded for all future viewings of the videos. MocoSpace does not control when users will receive one or both of these payouts.

What should I do if a video won't play, shows an error or does not provide Gold?

We will need to know what specific video you were watching when any of the above happened. Please include the exact error message you saw, if there was one. The issue will then be escalated to our content provider.

I get an error message when I try to access videos. Why?

An error may appear for a few reasons. The most common is your account has been blocked by the video offer provider for reasons MocoSpace is not informed of nor has control of. The block is likely for the life of your account and may extend to any additional accounts you have.

Our team does not have the ability to lift these blocks. There are multiple reasons why your account may be restricted, such as carrier block, abuse of the video offers and so on.