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How does Bonus Gold work?

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 04:14PM EDT
We currently offer bonus amounts of gold for users who purchase Moco Gold with a credit card and other select payment options. You will notice the more you pay, the more extra gold you will receive.

We note on our purchase page as to how much free/bonus gold you're getting based on each amount.

Here is a more clear break down of how it works.

500 Moco Gold for $4.99 (No Bonus Gold)

1250 Moco Gold for $9.99 (normal rate of 1000 Gold for $9.99 gets increased to 1250 Gold)

2750 Moco Gold for $19.99 (normal rate of 2000 Gold for $19.99 gets increased to 2750 Gold)

4325 Moco Gold for $29.99 (normal rate of 3000 Gold for $29.99 gets increased to 4325 Gold)

7500 Moco Gold for $49.99 (normal rate of 5000 Gold for $49.99 gets increased to 7500 Gold)

15500 Moco Gold for $99.99 (normal rate of 10000 Gold for $99.99 gets increased to 15500 Gold)

All of the Gold totals noted above include the bonus gold. No additional gold is given on top of these totals.

Please note that these bonus amounts specifically reflect amounts purchased via our credit card option. Other options may offer bonus Gold amounts that may change over time. GoCash Cards and using Google Wallet currently offer varying amounts of bonus Gold as well.