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How do forums work?

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 04:17PM EDT
Forums work similar to chats in that they are broken up in to subjects of interest. You can enter each forum to find a variety of topics in relation to the subject matter.

To post a New Topic, click the New Topic link at the top of the forum. Please keep your topic relative to the subject of the forum. You can also choose to add one of your photos within your opening topic post.

Off Topic posts may be removed, without warning, to keep the forum on topic. Much like chats, we ask that you avoid harassment or spamming our forums.

To comment on a topic, simply click the Add Comment link to add to it. You can also add a photo to any comment you make.

Again, do not make comments intended to go off topic, harass another user, or spam the topic.

Be aware that if you make constant violations, your account may be restricted from making any additional posts in forums.