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Myths About MocoSpace

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 11:57AM EST
With any social network, there are bound to be myths or rumors made up regarding how the site operates or will operate.

Does MocoSpace plan to charge users for access to the site?

No. MocoSpace is a free social network with free to play games. We do provide an online currency called Moco Gold to use in our games or for special features, but it is not required to use our site.

We do provide an optional pre-paid App on Android that has no Ads displayed.

Can I just lie about my age to sign up?

NO. We will instantly remove your account once we're able to find out you're not at least 18 years of age or older.

If I provide my phone number or email, it will be sold to advertisers or displayed publicly.

This is incorrect. We do not sell your private contact information to our advertisers. Your contact information could only be displayed if you put it on your public profile section outside of your contact sections for your account settings. We recommend you never share your private information with any user who may ask for it.

I was told I won a MocoSpace Contest/Lottery for millions of dollars. Is this true?

No. MocoSpace does not run any such contests. If you're being contacted by anyone claiming to work with or for, please do not respond to them and report their account.